About LLUF

Less; Local; Used; Fair

This four part philosophy may not be all I need, but it does come in useful during my attacks of consumer-guilt, a problem which I am fairly sure I inherited from an entrenched family of waste-not-want-not-ers. The gene pool had become somewhat diluted through the generations though, because although I generally waste-not, I find there are still plenty of shiny things that I want. So to minimise the impact that my love of pretty things has on people and planet I spend a fair bit of my time looking for ways to incorporate this philosophy into my life.

Now this blog isn’t designed to preach on how you should live your life or do your shopping – but I wanted to share my experience, research and passion with anyone who it might help. So take a little, or take the lot, here are some reasons why it might be useful to you:

1)      It will save you money. At least the tips for buying less and for buying awesome used (second-hand) items will. My research into the most reasonably priced Australian made and fair trade options may also help to save you money. And at the very least will save you time, which equals money, so money saved. Hooray!

2)      It will help to create Australian jobs. Not only will buying locally made and grown help to create jobs in the Australian manufacturing and agricultural sectors, but buying second hand and fair trade helps to support the small businesses trying to carve out a living in these markets.

3)      It’s better for the environment. Landfill, blah, blah; declining resources, blah, blah; carbon footprint, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all. The fact is buying used saves on resources and landfill. Buying local reduces carbon pollution and ensures your goods are manufactured under Australian environmental standards. And many fair trade businesses sell a range of recycled and hand made products.

4)      It’s better for the people who make your products. If the news coverage of last year’s factory collapse in Bangladesh has taught us anything, there is no shortage of unconscionable spending cuts that companies will make in the pursuit of a higher profit margin. Buying Australian made and fair trade helps to ensure that the people making your products have been treated like actual people.

Not to mention, of course, that it will lead you to some of the coolest and rarest buys in your life!!

So whether you’re interested in saving a bit of money, saving the Australian manufacturing industry, or just paving the way to a brighter tomorrow for everyone, I like to think I have something for you.

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