Good news for people who love Sherbies and other Allens lollies…

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Australia is reeling from announcements that Allens will be discontinuing a number of it’s lines so loved from our childhoods including Sherbies, jubes, spearmint leaves and green frogs.

Well, OK, noone cares about green frogs. But sherbies are a school camp staple, right?

But we can all relax. I have done my research (mmm, delicous research) and have identified a number of suitable substitutes which come with the added bonus of being made right here in Australia:

Sherbet Bombs

Not as soft, but delicously fruity and fizzy just like Sherbies.

Sherbert Bombs

Pascall Jubes

Not too hard. Not too soft. The perfect jube.

Bols Mint Leaves

Available at Kmart and at a ridiculously low price, you’re mad if you are not already using this identical tasting alternative.

With all these substitutes I won’t be suffering from Allens lolly withdrawal, but then again I started phasing Allens out of my diet in first year uni, along with all of Nestle’s other brands.

After hearing in first unit marketing about the devastating affects of Nestle’s aggressive campaigns to market infant formula to mothers in developing countries, it didn’t feel like much of a choice in the end.

I won’t harp on about the details – if you want to know more I suggest you start your own research here – but needless to say, a commitment to shopping ethical does not involve contributing to the profit margins of a company that is repeatedly accused of breaching World Health Organisation standards that are designed to reduce infant mortality rates in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities because they can turn a quick buck.

So maybe don’t mourn the loss of Sherbies, but rather look forward to a brave new world of more ethical (and equally delicous) options to explore. Mmmmm.

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