A little taste of Northern Tasmania

The sun rises on a sleepy Sunday in Devonport Tasmania. It’s hours before I get up though. There is a frost, which is actually not that common in this part of Tassie, so everyone stayed rugged up in bed until the day warmed up to a ‘balmy’ 14-or-so-degrees. Mr LLUF and I have heard everyone rave about the new cafes about town all weekend, and on our last day we find some time to sit down with my darling mother at Laneway.


I check my GPS to make 100% sure we’re not in Melbourne, as this hole-in-the-wall coffee house would not be out of place in the laneways of that great city across the Strait.

With a real nod to local produce they have some delicous options on their breakfast menu, most of which include generous servings ofย  Mt Gnommon bacon. If you fancy a picnic lunch to follow, locally produced small goods, cheeses and condiments are also available in their deli section.

After a quick cup of tea and some cuddles with my sister and niece, Mr LLUF and I start the trip to Launceston, where we will spend our final night before heading back to the ‘Berra.


Along the way we stop in at Ashgrove Cheese Factory. Something of a ritual on our Tassie trips. We do a couple of free taste tests, and then agonise over how much of each cheese we can safely transport home. We end up prioritising suitcase space for the bush pepper cheddar. Mr LLUF’s absolute favourite, and for me it’s a close second to the Wild Wasabi cheese!!

Raspberry farm

After having filled our savoury stomach with cheese, we decide to stop off at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm to fill our dessert stomachs. Rapberry icecream with a complimentary dark chocolate coated raspberry has me in heaven, and Mr LLUF runs around tasting raspberry jams, sauces and vinegars and suprisingly only comes away with a bottle of raspberry wine and three jams. We got off lightly this time.


And then off to our final stop in Launceston for our very last activity. A tour of the historic Boags Brewery. This has been high on Mr LLUFs Tassie-to-do list ever since he first started making trips down here with me. And it does not disappoint. A self-confessed history nerd he gets lost in the beer-lovers museum, reading about the legacy of the Boags family, and the story behind some of their beers, such as the Wizard Smith Ale. I have to track him down with high-vis and safety glasses in hand to start the tour. We are visiting on a Sunday, so the brewery is not in operation, but our guide talks us through the process and then gives us three pots to try at the end – matching each to a locally produced cheese.

We thank our stars that we had the sense to stay within walking distance of the brewery and settle in for a good session with some new friends we’ve made during the tour.

Life doesn’t get much better than this.

5 thoughts on “A little taste of Northern Tasmania

  1. I live in Launny!! Did you visit Anvers? They’re amazing!! Hope you got to see the Cataract Gorge! ๐Ÿ˜€ hope you enjoy my beautiful state! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Not this trip. But on other trips I have been to both. And yes, totally amazing. There is also a salmon farm in between Devonport and Launceston that my Mum went to and said was great. Next trip I guess!!

      • Oh awesome! They’re great! I love touristing around Tassie! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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