A Sandwhich and a Story – the best salad sandwhich combo in history

On Monday I went to the launch of the new YWCA Canberra Cookbook, Frugal Feast. This collection of 13 easy and affordable  recipes is selling for $20 to raise money for the Lanyon Food Hub which provides emergency food relief for local families in need. Each recipe is accompanied by a story from the contributors who include volunteers and board members.

Frugal Feast

The launch was held at the ANU Food Co-Op (which is awesome, btw) and featured sandwhich making demonstrations from two of the books celebrity contributors, Minister Shane Rattenbury – Member of the Legislative Assembly, ACT Greens; and Natasha Rudra – food and wine editor for the Canberra Times; along with Francis Crimmins –  executive director, YWCA Canberra. Each told us the story behind their favourite frugal sandwhich and made some for us to try.

I am inspired.


The story behind my favourite sandwhich (or wrap – as pictured above) goes back 6 months to my time in Uluru with two of my favourite people. We were only there for a few days so we didn’t want to have to buy cheese for crackers and cheese for sandwhiches – so we decided to use brie for both. Yum-o.

One of these lovely ladies is a grazer – one of those people who eats in tiny spurts all day long. And as such she always has some kind of trail mix, nuts or the like in her bag. On this particular trip she was transporting a packet of Craisins (dried cranberries). Also delicous.

But it’s when you put these two ingredients together that you get the taste explosion. So what’s in it?


– The Best Sandwhich Combo Ever –

Bread or wrap

Lettuce (mesculin is my favourite)




Dried Cranberries


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