Just my cup of tea. The benefits of drinking fair-trade.

This is the fourth and final ‘winters warmers’ article offering tips for staying warm while feeling warm and fuzzy with the LLUF philosophy. So far I have covered:

So now to cover fair!! Fairtrade tea has long been a thing, but the fancy marketing and familiarity of big brands like Tetley and Bushells keep us going back for more. But there are plenty of similarly priced and equally delicious fair-trade teas that come with two added bonuses:

  • They are better for you (most fair trade teas are also organic), and
  • They are better for the people who produce your tea.

So if you are thinking of making the switch why not start with one of these (excuse my dodgy graphics):

Love teaBoth these teas are on the fancy end of the tea scale. And both are delicous. However Love Tea’s earl grey is organic, fair trade and comes in a very cute cardboard cannister. It is also an Australian run family business, which I love. When odering from their website I have always received my purchases within 48 hours and always with a little sampler of one of their teas to try!!

LiptonTwo old family favourites, similar prices, simalar tastes. But Lipton’s black tea range is Rainforest Alliance Certified which gets it the LLUF-green-box-of-approval.

NeradaI love peppermint tea. I have it in a 500ml stein because a standard mug just doesn’t cut it. So needless to say price is a major consideration when it comes to this purchase. Nerada Organics has a complete range of fair-trade organic herbal teas that is available in most supermarkets. And at around $5.50 for 40 bags beats Liptons ‘Refreshing Mint’ by 5c a bag!!

Still not convinced? Watch this short video about the benefits of fair-trade and then see how you feel.

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