To warm your heart and sole – why you should wear Australian made socks.

Tuff Mongrel Socks

Last week I talked about using the BHP to warm up with less. Moving through the LLUF mantra (less, local, used, fair) – this week I want to talk about why you should add some pairs of locally-made socks to your shopping list this winter:

They are a practical, low energy way to deal with cold feet. My feet get ridiculously cold, as my partner is always keen to point out when they find him under the doona. We had a housemate who would tell us that he knew that winter had arrived when he heard Mr LLUFs pained pleas for me not to touch him with those feet through the wall. Good times.

My favourite supplier of Australian-made socks is my best mates Nana who unravels knits she bought at the op-shop and turns them into the chunkiest, warmest socks you have ever seen. Wearing these socks to bed has all but saved our relationship. Unfortunately for you, Nana-socks aren’t for sale. But I have an awesome alternative recommendation for sourcing your own winter woollies. Read on.

Surprisingly they are also a practical way to deal with hot, sweaty feet. That’s right. A pair of socks made from the right material can help keep your feet cool and dry by protecting them from the non-breathable, non-absorbent materials your shoes are likely made from. Sweaty feet are the gateway to a range of nasty infections, so if this is an issue for you I would definitely recommend a new pair of socks.

I recently bought Mr LLUF some Tuff Mongrel Socks. To avoid any confusion this is a brand, not an adjective. At 60% merino wool these fall into the ‘right material’ category, while having just enough synthetic fibre to make them easy care. And he says they are super comfortable.

Mongrel Socks are available in a range of different blends depending on your needs – pure wool, possum merino blends, 94% mercerised cotton – most of their socks are made in Tasmania, so you know they’ll be the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. After all, Tasmanians know cold. Hell, that place is near freezing in the height of summer.

There are studies to suggest that wearing socks has some other surprising benefits including a better nights sleep and increasing your chances of orgasm!!

With this in mind, why wouldn’t you rush out and buy yourself as many pairs of Mongrel Socks as your budget and drawers will allow?

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