No sweat

Family of Taygra

Sweatshop free workout gear.

Since moving to a colder climate I have found myself stacking on the kilos. Wintery comfort food, red wine, and a genuinely heartfelt desire to stay under the doona have all taken their toll. I’d love to tell you that nothing has been hurt but my vanity, and I assure you it is sorely wounded, but I have found my increasingly sedentary lifestyle has also compounded some other health problems and I just feel gross.

So after treating myself with a new gym membership (the third I have bought in my life, let’s hope I use it more than six times this round), I have decided to treat myself to some sweatshop-free work out gear, including:

Taygra shoes

I’ve actually had a pair of these for a while, a few of them in fact. And I’ve recently bought some for my partner too. I love the funky colours they are available in, and although not supportive enough for hitting the pavement at a run, I find them perfect for treadmill action or a brisk walk around the block. Vegan leather and made under ethical standards in Brazil, these puppies are also very affordable at as little as $69.00 for an adult shoe. Oh, and the service is excellent. Mens, womens and kids sizes available.

American Apparel athletic pants

So comfy, and with a huge range of colours and styles for men and women, you are bound to find something to suit any kind of athletic activity. American Apparel products are made in downtown LA by workers who are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. They believe that by keeping all their processes (design, manufacturing, business services etc.) in one place they can keep their prices low, while also reducing their carbon footprint and bolstering their local community and economy.

Daksha Singlets

A cheap $15 each and available in 19 different colours these super cute singlets are available online from fair-trade and eco sustainable label Daksha. In women’s styles only (sorry guys), they are made out of a lovely soft cotton that is woven by women in northern Thailand. This cotton is also used in Daksha other clothing. I plan on going back for some of the other tops, but with a heavy hippish flavour to most of their products, the dresses, skirts and pants categories are unlikely to be frequented by me.

And although I am currently observing the ‘less’ philosophy and using a green bag to transport my gym gear (classy, I know), I am considering a fair trade gym bag made out of recycled cement and rice bags in Cambodia. Such a cool idea.


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