Just add water

So I said I would save you money. And I feel this is a promise I need to come good on pretty quickly. And what better place to start than with a good old fashioned trash to treasure story – in this particular instance: veggie scraps.

A ridiculous number of veggies can be grown from scraps. I was super excited to discover this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is it could save me hundreds of dollars a year in grocery bills. There are other advantages including less packaging, less food waste and, of course, less money to the supermarkets, which are essentially pure evil, and yet such a convenient evil that I give far more money to them than I care to admit. But that’s another story.

There are many articles on many websites that will tell you all about what veggies you can grow from scraps, and how, but more often than not I find that liberally applying ‘the just add water’ technique does the trick. So lately I have taken to just adding water to all my food scraps and seeing what grows.

My first experiment was with sweet potato (mmmm, sweet potato). I cut off the tapered ends – about 5cms – of my sweet potato and submerged them halfway in a bowl of water. It took them a good 2 weeks to start sprouting, but once they started there was no stopping them. Unlike potato, sweet potato leaves are edible, which is great because this is all you get out of your sweet potato for a loooong time. It was 6 months after I planted my SP top before I was able to harvest some tiny tubers from this plant (seen below on a saucer).

Sweet Potato

Beetroot is another vegetable that just starts sprouting new and totally edible leaves if you soak the top in water. The leaves of beetroot grow quicker than sweet potato but I have only recently potted my beetroot tops, so I can’t tell you whether the root grows back. Feel free to school me if you know.


My favourite vegetable to re-grow however is green onions, which seem to only ever need water, although I generally plant mine just the same. I’ve seen them grow more than 1cm a day (!!), so the biggest problem I have with growing them is that I can never use enough (!!). The pic below was taken 26hours after I cut the top off these ones and popped them in a water glass…

Spring onions

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4 thoughts on “Just add water

  1. I,ve tried these tips it has never worked for me garlic.onion,sweetpotota ginger,celery I was told it has to be organic to do this ,vegeis u buy from the supermarket have all been treated to stop u from growing u own vegies ,this I found to be true ,but I will try organic vegeis scraps and give it another go

    • I got my sweet potato from the supermarket and it worked but it did take aaaaages to sprout. And the spring onions seem to grow no matter where I get them from or how badly I care for them.

      Definitely give it a go with organic scraps and see if it works better for you. Good luck 🙂

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